At Zenith, SAFETY is taken very seriously not just for our employees, but for our clients as well. A safe work environment is an attitude developed through continuous training and reinforcement.

Zenith has an Award Winning SAFETY Program that has taken the best of several programs; MRCA (Sharp), NRCA (Fall Protection A to Z) and OSHA.

Zenith has (2) Two SAFETY Officers who not only oversee the SAFETY Education Program but the Daily/Weekly SAFETY Inspections. Our staff has successfully completed 10 and 30 Hour Certification Programs from OSHA.

Our Zero Tolerance Policy for an unsafe workplace has assured Zenith Roofing Services of having one of the Best SAFETY Records in The Industry.

Zenith has realized over the last 30 years that SAFETY and quality go hand in hand. This belief in safety has not only given the company an extremely Low Workman’s Compensation Experience Modification Rating but also shows our employees the company cares about them and the valuable contribution they make.

SAFETY starts day one, all new employees are required to attend and pass a safety training program which includes:

  • Roof SAFETY
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fall Protection & Prevention
  • Substance Abuse in the Workplace
  • Back Injury

Zenith foremen are required to both pass and have the ability to teach a course designed by Zenith (linked to MRCA, NRCA, and OSHA). Once a week, the Operations Manager and SAFETY Director conduct a meeting where SAFETY topics are reviewed. In addition, weekly inspections are conducted in our warehouse, sheet metal shop, on equipment and vehicles, to prevent accidents and lessen the risk of equipment failure.

Our Operations Manager and SAFETY Officers make unscheduled site visits to check for SAFETY compliance and to identify any potential SAFETY improvements.

In addition to Zenith workers, Zenith is concerned about customers and others who enter the worksite. While Zenith installers are familiar with the job site conditions, visitors are not aware of the hazards roofing presents. Therefore, it is important that the site is set up and controlled to reduce risks to everyone. This includes a properly set and secured ladder, cleaning trash and debris, securing material to prevent blowing, and escorting visitors to make them aware of hazards and SAFETY risks while walking around the site.